Mission Statement

Translational Soft Bioelectronics

Translational Flextronics Group aims to develop technologies for high performance flexible and stretchable electronic devices by using high quality nano-scale materials, which enable new biomedical and energy systems with novel/multiple functions.

Our first mission is to achieve significant improvements in current biomedical devices and/or to invent new and unprecedented medical systems, which are important tools in clinical procedures and surgeries, for suffering patients. Our devices are integrated with the human body via fully implantable, minimally invasive, and skin-laminated modes, pursuing capabilities of high resolution/sensitivity health monitoring, real time data storage/analysis/ diagnosis, and feedback therapeutic actuation/targeted drug delivery.

Our second mission is to create highly efficient energy devices by using nanostructured materials and unconventional processing technologies to contribute for the public welfare as well as to supply power to bio-integrated/point-of-care healthcare devices.

We imagine the world filled with love and mercy based on our technology.

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